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Filling out and turning in the Payless application is the first step towards securing a career with the retail store. The company is an equal opportunity employer that has positions suitable people of all experience levels and backgrounds. Whats more is with hundreds of locations across America Payless hires thousands of new employees annually. This creates a great opportunity for job hunters. Look below to find out how to get started.

The first method of applying I would like to mention is the paper application. Although the paper Payless application is becoming phased out, some locations are still providing it. Consider calling your local store location to see if they have any on hand. Its a shame that many locations do not offer it as its an easier option for those who do not own a computer. With that being said some Payless locations are offering application kiosks in their stores. These are user friendly kiosks that are relatively quick and easy.

If you would prefer to apply to Payless online, you will need to access their online prompt. This can be done by accessing the company’s employment website at From there you will be presented with a page that contains options such as retail careers and corporate careers. If you are interested in working in a Payless store choose retail careers, if you have a corporate background choose corporate careers. After selecting which division of the company you want to work in you will see a link labeled “opening”. This link will present with a list of job openings with the company. But first you will need to choose which country you are applying in. Upon selecting a job position you will be presented with a video that explains the requirements for that particular position. You won’t be able to move on the application until you finish watching the video.

Tips: When it comes filling out and turning in the Payless application it is important to consider a few key tips. If you opted for the paper application then you should remember to fill out everything accurately and neatly. Also when you turn in the application be sure to turn it into a manager. This will show that you are serious about the position you are applying for. More tips on successfully filling out and turning in the Payless application are available in the article below.

Available Positions: Payless offers several diverse positions for you to apply to. With so many positions available it is likely there is one that fits your particular skill set. Included below is a list of positions you can fill in on your Payless application.

Cashier: Payless Cashiers complete the monetary transaction of customer merchandise. Most cashiers with little to no experience will typically start at minimum wage and work their way up to around $15 per hour.

Sales Associate: This position entails a variety of duties. Sales associates assist customers, organize items on shelves, etc. It is an entry level job that requires good people skills. The starting pay typically starts around minimum wage for those without previous experience. Overall it is a good entry level position for those with little or no experience.

Stock Associate:  Here’s a good position for those who prefer to work behind the scenes. Payless stock associates organize and manage backroom merchandise. For this position you will need to have a good back and be able to lift boxes of at least 30 pounds. This can be a strenuous job so it is important that you are able bodied.

Loss Prevention Officer: If you have a background in security or law enforcement, loss prevention may be a good fit for you. This position consists of you watching security camera monitors to check for and stop theft. For this position you should be physically fit and able to apprehend perpetrators. Loss prevention is not for everyone, at times it can become quite dangerous.

Managerial: Managers are responsible for running and overseeing the day to day operations of a specific Payless location. It can be stressful as managers are responsible for just about everything that goes on in the store. Fortunately the pay is good. An assistant manager will earn around 40k to 50k while a full on manager will earn over 70k.  The requirements to become a manager often require a degree. Any experience you have had working in a retail setting will help you chances of securing this position.

Corporate Headquarters: Corporate positions are high responsibility positions that require a college degree and possibly past experience.  Although these careers have many requirements, the bright side is that the pay is very well. Those working in corporate receive full benefit packages and often receive pay ranging from 50k to 100k.

In filling in a position on your application be sure that you possess the skills and requirements for that position. It is recommended that those without previous retail experience should apply for positions such as cashier, sales associate, etc.


Benefits: Lets get down to the fun stuff. If your are accepted as an employee of Payless you will be provided with a nice benefits package. These benefits include basics such as medical, dental, vision, etc. In addition to these medical benefits the company also provides things such as 401k plan, vacation days, sick pay, etc. It is notable that the position you apply for may or may not be eligible for all of these benefits. Typically you will need to hold your position for a specific amount of time before you are made eligible for benefits.  Consult a supervisor or manager to find out the particulars on employee benefits.

Conclusion: Payless has a reputation for being a great retail store to work in. If you think you would be a good fit with the company, turn in a Payless application today. Before you know it you will be climbing the retail ladder and getting yourself on your way to a successful career.

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