Tips On Getting Hired

Obviously getting hired with Payless is not as simple as turning in an application. There are certain tips and methods that you must implement in order get hired by the company. Such tips will set you apart from other applicants and heavily increase your chances of being hired.

The best tip in filling out the Payless application is to keep everything legible and neat. In fact, if you have access to a type writer it is advised that you type your information onto the application. If not, a blue or black pen will suffice.  In addition to this is it important that all information provided on the form is accurate and up to date. Be sure to write in current references that are willing to say a good word about you. Avoid personal references such as your family and friends. Only use professional references such as a teach or previous employer that you are still in good standing with.


Also there is a right and wrong way to turn in your Payless application. Avoid turning you application during evening hours or during the weekend. You should turn your application in to a manager and the best time to find a manager is during opening and no later than noon. Turning your application in to a manager will make a good impression and put you in higher standings than over applicants. Also be sure that when you hand in your application that you are neatly dresses. For men this means a nice dress shirt and slacks. Female applicants should wear a nice dress or skirt suit.


Now that you have turned in you application it is time to get an interview. Some applicants make the mistake of waiting for the company to call them for an interview. As an applicant you need to take the initiative to call and bug the manager to an extent. After you turn in your Payless application call in every other day or so and ask what status of your application is. Your persistence will eventually pay off when the store asks you to come in for an interview.


Once you have landed your interview it is time to prepare. Review commonly asked interview questions online to get yourself ready. One common interview question that you may be asked is “What are your strengths and weaknesses”. The best answer you can give for this question is “I can be a bit of a perfectionist”. This answers the question without you giving the interviewer a negative weakness.


Thanks for reading this article. Hopefully the tips above will help you secure a position with Payless. One thing is for sure, and that’s that implementing the above tips will exponentially increase your chances of employment with the company. Your TJ Maxx application needs to express to upper management that you are the right person for the job. The only way to do that is to go the extra mile and make your employment form shine. This is extremely crucial, especially so when you considers there will likely be several people applying for the same position you are applying for.

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